Terms & Conditions

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I do not charge for appointments cancelled 12 hours in advance. Cancellations after this time will be charged at the full rate.

I offer appointments 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Evening and weekend appointments may be arranged at a surcharge.

I will discuss your discharge with you  based on your progress and whether we feel the service would continue to be of benefit to you.


Data controller: Sarah Woodward

The Information Commissions Office is the supervising authority for data processing and the organisation with whom an independent SLT is legally bound to be registered. Your data will be held securely according to current GDPR legislation.

What is the purpose of collecting your personal information?

To provide Sarah Woodward, Speech & Language Therapist, with sufficient information to manage your case and provide you with personalised care. The only information processed is that which is relevant to your speech and language therapy intervention.

What information is collected and held about you?

Only information which is relevant to managing your case e.g. your contact details, date of birth, medical history, communication history, communication environment (this might include who you communicate with regularly, your work and your interests), assessment forms, case notes, audio & video files (with your consent), financial records (e.g. information required by the HMRC).

Who might your information be shared with?

In order to fully manage your case in your best interests, it is sometimes important for liaison to take place with certain other professionals who care for you, e.g. your GP, Consultant, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Nursing and Care Staff, Health Care Worker, Case Manager, etc. Your information will never be shared with anyone other than these professionals.

How would information be shared on your request?

Should you wish any information (e.g. reports) to be shared with a third party, you must  provide a request in writing in advance.

How is your information collected?

Information relevant to your care will be collected about you from yourself, relevant family and carers and other professionals involved with you.

How long will  your information be stored for?

Speech & Language Therapists are bound by professional standards to keep your data for 8 years, apart from financial data which must be kept for 6 years in line with HMRC regulations.

How will your data be stored?

Your data will be stored securely. Paper based information is stored in a locked filing cabinet and electronic information is stored in encrypted files. All email correspondence is sent via an encrypted email system.

What are your rights?

You can access the data/information held on you by South West Speech Therapy.

You can rectify inaccuracies in the information at any time.

You can request to erase personal information.

You can withdraw consent to information being processed at any time.


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